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Quadruple Grid Spiritual Protection Technique

(credit below*)

For a full cleansing, state the following out loud with firm positive intention while visualizing spherical sacred geometry.


Legions of Michael: grid level one, spherical my body, car, workplace, house and everyone and everything in it."

"Destroyer Force Angels: grid level two, spherical my body, car, workplace, house and everyone and everything in it."

"Ze’Or Continuum: grid level three, spherical my body, car, workplace, house, and everyone and everything in it."

"Circle Security: grid level four, spherical my body, car, workplace, house and everyone and everything in it.”


Destroyer Force Angels, please spin your grid, spinning out astral entities and astral gates or portals, astral distortions, adverse electro-magnetic frequencies, adverse astrological influences, fear, disharmony, anger, expectation, frustration, worry, viruses, fungi, bacteria, parasites physical and astral, inner dis-harmony and abusiveness, enemy patterning, suspicion, distortions to co-creation, miscommunication, karmic monads, sadness, scarcity, loneliness, denial and projection, martyrdom, anything that distorts the spiritual signature or clear communication with Spirit. Spin out anything that hasn’t been mentioned in this or any other language, but which you know needs to leave the space at this time.”

(Fill in whatever you need, according to your situation). When the clearing feels complete, continue with “Reverse spin, same things.” When that feels complete, end with “Stop spin. Thank you.”


Legions of Michael, infuse your grid with Grace, Purity, Rapture, Love, Faith, and Hope Elohim, Mercy, Peace, Liberty, Harmony, Alpha Omega, and Victory Elohim. Infuse with love, intimacy, tolerance, centeredness, clarity, health, wealth, clear communication with Spirit, the Unified Chakra, full connection with Spirit, following Spirit without hesitation, mastery, sovereignty, fierce wholeness, living Heaven, and anything else that hasn’t been mentioned in this or any other language, but which you know needs to be in the space at this time."

(Fill in whatever you need, according to your situation). When the infusion feels complete, end with “Please seal your grid. Thank you.”


Ze’Or Continuum, please set your grid for harmonization and optimization of electrical, magnetic, and gravitational frequencies. Please ensure that my fields remain harmonized with all of the electronic and mechanical devices in my space, and that I and the devices in my space remain harmonized in frequency with any electromagnetic surges, ley-line activity, Schumann Resonance, and any other electro- magneto-gravitational events and conditions occurring in this area. Seal grid. Thank you.”

Circle Security, realign your grid to harmonize with upper dimensional gridworks. Release all distortions and parasites on the grids. Infuse frequencies for clearer communication with Spirit. Seal grid. Thank you.”


“Finally, please spin out density, obsolete DNA encodements and thought forms along with all associated emotions, cellular memory, dark force seed thoughts, human genetic consciousness, holographic programming, entities, beings, structures, implants, devices, obsolete pictures of reality, struggle, resistance and fatigue.   Infuse peace, hope, connection to Spirit, surrender, trust, Grace, and Purity Elohim; require of me whatever it takes and ever-expanding capacity, knowing I have all the time in the world to get everything done that really needs to be done. Seal grid. Thank you.”


*The original triple grid technique is credited to Tashira Tachi-ren who channeled Archangel Ariel in the book “What is Lightbody?”  This technique was expanded upon by Angelic Outreach in order to create the Quadruple Grid technique.  The script above is based on these two adaptations.


***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***

Clearing My Home & Energy Field Script:

(credit below*)


Please Recite the Following out loud:

"I invoke the four elements: fire, earth, air, and water.  I invoke the spirit guides, angels, archangels, and light beings surrounding me now.  I invoke the spirit of Gaia and my Higher Self.  I ask that all of these positive energies, entities, and beings assist me now in a sacred co-created process of clearing my home and my energy field of all negativity.  I revoke all contracts with negative energies and entities that want to use my information stream and frequency.  I do not consent to psychic monitoring or influencing that services the system of domination and control.  I hereby demand the instant removal of all forms of psychic parasites and their propagation and harvesting systems that create herds of psychic parasites.  I revoke all contracts that use my life force as a false-form of consent for the propagation and spreading of psychic parasites with all my soul relations.  I do not allow energies and entities to use my life force without my explicit verbal permission, nor do I allow them to place any energy within my home or my energy field unless it is of the highest frequencies that serves the highest good of all.  I rebuke all negative and dark energy, thoughts, and magic that have been sent or done against me, including psychic and spiritual attacks.  I ask Archangel Michael to use his sword to cut away any etheric cords and magic that do not serve my soul mission.  Team, please help me release any negative cords and energy, and in its place, help me surround my home and energy field with the highest vibration of pure white light.  Every cell within every atom of my home and my energy field is under my vocal protection.  This includes my seen AND unseen world.  And so it is, and so it shall be.“


You may repeat this script in each room separately to be thorough. *The script written for clearing my home and energy field is taken from segments of several practitioners' personal revocations, combined to make my own adaptation. The primary original author of many of these scripted statements is Andrew Bartzis.

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