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I had a private [tarot] reading on [date]. It was the best thing I’ve ever done. Before hand I was nervous but I did it. I asked about my relationship with my bf. It really validated my feelings about what has been going on in my relationship. It really took some weight off of my shoulders. Now that I have more information I can make a informative decision. I’m really seeing my bf in a new light. The internet didn’t want to corporate Lol but the reading gave me what I needed. I have been struggling with my relationship for years and now I feel like I can try and put things into place for a better future. I really wanna think you Bea. I’d definitely get another in the future if I’m ever lost again. - Becka

I had a distant [Reiki] session as well! I was skeptical and really not sure how it worked, especially from a distance. The things I had buried away, things that very few people know, resurfaced and blew me away! My session brought much needed closure and healing to very personal areas of my life! Thank you so much Beatrice!!!! - Sharron

I had a [tarot] reading with Bea on [date]. ...With almost nothing to go on, Bea was able to very accurately describe my personality and my tendency to do things in certain ways and pick up on how those things block progress. It was scarily accurate. Her reading was confirmation of a path I had just begun to explore and that THAT exact path was mentioned and talked about, floored me a little. Bea also had recommendations outside tarot and sent me links to assistance that would further me along my path and it brought a lot of realization, definition for things that didn’t have definition before, and healing that I had been asking and/or looking for. She is kind, and it truly feels like She has your best interest in mind. I would highly recommend. - Melissa

I loved my distance Reiki session! I had received hands on Reiki before but never from a distance, so I wasn't sure what to expect or if I would even be able to feel it. But I definitely did, and right away! Bea picked up on a lot of things in our session that she couldn't have otherwise known. I felt a buzzing sensation when she was sending energy to my hips, which were in constant pain. It was so very relaxing and healing for me. I plan to purchase more sessions in the future! Thanks again, Bea! Truly amazing!!! - Veronica

I had a [tarot] reading with Bea, it was so easy and warming, like talking to a friend - not scary at all! I left the reading feeling so good - that day I had such a positive day... because I did feel different, and lighter and did things that I had been procrastinating to do. In saying that, she did not shy from the truth- when she could have easily just tell me everything I wanted to hear. She told me the truth, like you would like a friend that cares to do so. I 100% recommend her readings, not only that i recommend to anyone else, I have my next one booked! - Tati

I had a private personal reading with Bea last night and I can HONESTLY say she is even better in person! Her reading was spot on and clarified every question I had.  Thank you again girl!!! Much love from Toronto xoxox. - Marla

Just a note to thank you for your talent and lovely humor with [my husband's reading]. You were so ON POINT -- although, as I'm sure you noticed, he is particularly talented at keeping a poker face. He came upstairs afterward and said, "Did you TELL her what to say? I think she was QUOTING you!" He seemed lighter and happier the rest of the night and today.  - T.

I'd never had a reiki session done before. Bea and I had a long distance session and I felt her touch me. Well I felt her touch her reiki bear. She pinned some feelings I had but had yet to express to anyone. She picked up on things like my worry for car trouble. After one session I was already feeling more positive energy in my life. A little balance. I can't wait to do it again. Bea has a gift from the universe. A very special gift. - Jessica

Bea totally gets it! She is open and honest and really takes the time to talk and doesn't blow concerns or feelings out the window. I really enjoyed my [tarot] reading and definitely look forward to more opportunities to chat with her! You won't be disappointed! - Tori

I felt so much better after my [Reiki] session with Bea! And she told me things afterward that amazed me! I'm so thankful to Bea for taking time with me and helping heal the pain of my migraines. Bea definitely has a very special gift! I'm hoping we can have another session soon! - Amy

Bea is absolutely wonderful in her private [tarot] readings. Just as warm and sweet as she is on YouTube. I was nervous for the reading, but she made me instantly comfortable. Would definitely recommend. - Lauren

I'll admit I was skeptical at first, but the long distance reiki session blew me away. I will definitely be scheduling more sessions in the future. - Teresa

I purchased the 30 minute reading from Bea and it was amazing! She told me things I hadn't told anyone regarding personal thoughts about my career and where I'm headed. I received clarity on other questions I had as well. Bea is very thorough and explains things in a way that is easy to understand. I had a great experience and 100% recommend getting a reading! - Kristen

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